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The best Dutch cheese

Golden Holland,
The best Dutch cheese
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Your benefits at

  • All cheeses are vacuum delivered to your home.
  • Carefully selected based on taste and quality.
  • Naturally riped.
  • No factory cheeses.
  • Freshly cut.
  • Best in price-quality.
  • Guaranteed Dutch cheese from Dutch cows.

David van Daalen

Fresh guarantee wants to offer you the quality of TOP cheese in a reliable way. We carefully select our cheese from Dutch farmers. After placing your order, we freshly cut your cheese and deliver it in an air-tight vacuum package. It is delivered refrigerated if the temperatures are high. You can store it for three months in your refrigerator while the cheese is in the vacuum package. After opening, you can keep the cheese for another four weeks using the special cheese paper we supply to you.

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Dutch cheese

Reinforces your bones: Cheese is a rich source of calcium and vitamin B. Everyone can benefit from this, but in particular the elderly, kids and pregnant women need this kind of nutrition.
Is good for the skin: Cheese contains a lot of vitamin B and therefore contributes to a healthy skin. It keeps your skin healthy, flexible and shiny!
Is good for the immune system: Cheese contributes to the performance of your immune system, meaning your risk of getting sick decreases!
Stimulates a good night’s rest: Cheese stimulates your sleep and may even remedy insomnia, because it contains tryptophan, which is an amino acid that reduces stress.

Customer service

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